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Improve your classic breakfast with the unsurpassed grain of wheat, which is rich in good bacteria. Use this plate to fill with 20% daily potassium needs; an essential electrolyte for balancing the intestinal fluid and regulating arterial pressure.


55 gr whole grain cereals

120 ml of whey cheese

1 bananas

7 gr of seeds

We put together all of the above ingredients in a container.

Such a dose contains 372 Kcal, 6 gr of fat, 1.1 g of saturated fats, 0 mg cholesterol, 78 g of carbohydrate, 15 g of protein, 196 mg of sodium, 18 g of fiber.

Source: Probiotic and Prebiotic Recipes for Health- Tracy Olgeaty Gensler, M.S., R.D.