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Agro-industry is one of the best but most difficult sectors to manage. The idea to invest in a dairy product manufacturing company, later renamed AgroaAl International, was born as a good initiative and cooperation between Mrs. Ama Tafani and Mrs. Ama Tafani. Klara Buda, two professionals in their fields of entrepreneurship.

Below are the three services provided by AGS: Lavatories and Cleaning, Greening, Katering.


The company offers this service for small and large quantities.


AGS ensures the greening of your environment

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We bring a quality restaurant service where you are

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We are committed to achieving our goals through co-operation and other social responsibility practices.


We are committed to doing more for our employees, our customers and the community we serve every day.


Agro-industry is one of the most beautiful sectors, but also a very difficult sector to manage. AgroAl International Company was established in 2015, as a partnership between Mrs. Tafani and Mrs. Buddha, with the primary purpose of bringing domestic milk production, with the true quality of milk, according to European standards and conditions of European security. The innovation that this company brings to the market is the diversity of natural and flavored dairy products, UHT production and packaging standards, thanks to a highly advanced Tetra Pak technology. The products were introduced for the first time in the Albanian market in August 2015, to bring to the end of 2015 a basket of 8 products with milk products and by-products.

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Our company is strongly oriented toward client, partners and employee’s satisfaction and reliability. Therefore, it is in our belief that only faithful clients can assure the company’s years of success.


We ensure that our services are guaranteed and qualitative, according to international standards and hygienic sanitation standards, responding to customer requirements, anywhere and anytime.

+355 69 70 21 340

“Beqir Luga” street ,  Nr 3 palace

+355 69 70 21 340


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