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The interesting and tasteful summer fruit make this morning perfect. The peach contains fiber-assisted digestion and maintains a healthy colon (digestive system), and also improves immunity. Joining almonds meets 50% of daily calcium needs. Bayamas are rich in monounsaturated fats that lower total cholesterol levels and LDL cholesterol; as well as reduce the risk of heart disease.
16 gr of roasted almonds
1 grain of chopped peaches
1 tablespoon with flax seeds
170 grams of reduced fat yogurt
In the previously heated oven at 120 ◦C, bake almonds placed in a furnace / aluminum paper for about 2 minutes. Then we throw it over the pot where we have mixed the yogurt, the cube cutlet and the lime seeds.
This dish contains 303 Kcal, 12 gr fat, 3 gr saturated fat, 15 mg cholesterol, 35 gr carbohydrate, 17 gr protein, 172 gr sodium, 4.5 gr fiber.