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With A G S PASTRIM cleaning service, you gain a bit of hygiene in your premises. G S PASTRIM knows the importance of a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

Our well-qualified staff is focused and committed to creating a strong culture of cleanliness, safety and health as an integral part of our activities.
Thanks to a few years of experience, specialized staff and above all the use of the latest technology, the use of non-toxic and eco-friendly detergents, A G S PASTRIM is the solution suited to every customer’s requirements.

AGS PASTRIM offers sterilization, disinfection, deregulation in the hospital premises and private clinics where surface disinfection is necessary to prevent high bacterial risk. AGS PASTRIM offers a wide range of its activities to Licensed to ( 3-D) Disinfection, Disinfection and Deratization. This service consists in providing a high degree of hygiene, enabling insects and parasites to be removed in all environments, especially in those agro-foodstuffs. To ensure maximum protection of the business, it is necessary to follow a continuous monitoring program based on the appropriate method for preventing, defining, evaluating, explaining and delivering the final solution to the problem. The intervention is carried out with licensed preparations from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, accompanied by with the technical file of use and the respective permission, is supported HACCP standards. Preparations are not toxic and do not pose side effects to the health of workers, foods and leaves no marks on the surfaces of the treatment.